I am Reverend Cari Willis and I welcome you to The Storyholder website.

Rev. Cari Wills
I am a writer.
I am a theologian.
I am a Spiritual Director.
I am a Chaplain.
I am a listener.
I am a non-judgmental presence.
I believe in the power of story to transform not only the teller of the story, but the listener as well. I offer to every person my gifts of showing up, sitting down, and staying silent so you can tell your full story in whatever manner you wish. I listen to those with a lot of faith, those who struggle with their faith, and those who have lost their faith. I provide my listening ear to those outside the walls of a prison and those inside the walls of a prison. Your path and your journey are unique to you and therefore should be heard and cherished.

Spiritual Direction: I work as a Spiritual Director with my own home-based practice, listening to you and with you to help you find spiritual connection in your life.
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My classes: I have taught my class “Living Into the Narrative of God” to close to 20 men at the Federal prison in Butner, to the women on death row in Raleigh, and to others at my own home. I continue to teach this class at the women’s prison and hope to offer it soon as a writer’s retreat!!
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My ministry: I offer pastoral care to the men on death row both in Virginia  and North Carolina. I travel to Virginia two times a month and I see the guys in NC practically every week. I go with the support and prayers of a beautiful community of people.
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My blog
I write about my thoughts and experiences as I follow the path of my ministry. It is my way to share my own story and bear witness to the experiences of others.
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